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More Northeast Florida Well Drillers choose Hughes Supply Jacksonville as their go to place for their well drilling needs. We offer a huge supply of; galvanized pipe, nipples and fittings; well casing; well points; PVC; aerators; pumps; captive air and pneumatic tanks, valves and anything else that well drillers need to get the job done right. Large jobs or small, Hughes Supply Jacksonville has the products you are looking for. If we don’t have it in stock, we can find it.

We proudly feature products from Myers, Pentair, Sta-Rite, Pro-Source, Wellmate, Goulds, American Granby, plus many others.


Allied 225 Gallon Fiberglass Aerator

Pneumatic Well Tanks
Mainline MLWF20 Steel 20 Gallon
Mainline MLWF34 Steel 34 Gallon
Mainline MLWF44 Steel 44 Gallon
Wellmate SNA WM6 Fiberglass 20 Gallon
Wellmate SNA WM9 Fiberglass 30 Gallon
Wellmate SNA WM12 Fiberglass 40 Gallon
Wellmate WM-14WB Fiberglass QC 47 Gallon
Wellmate WM-20WB Fiberglass 60 Gallon
Wellmate WM25WB Fiberglass 87 Gallon
Wellmate WM-35WB Fiberglass 120 Gallon
Flexcon Challenger PC66 Steel 20 Gallon

Allied Moulded Products Aerator

Allied Moulded Products Aerator


In Well Pumps
Myers 2NFL52-12-P4
Myers 2NFL102-20-P4
Myers 2NFL51-12-P4
Sta-Rite S20P4HS10231
Jet Pumps
Myers HR50S Shallow Well Pump
Myers HR50D Deep Well Pump
Myers HJ50S Shallow Well Pump
Myers HJ100D Deep Well Pump
Myers HJ100S Shallow Well Pump
Goulds FHSJ10 Shallow Well Pump
Goulds FHSJ15 Shallow Well Pump
Goulds FHSJ20 Shallow Well Pump
Goulds J5SH Shallow Well Pump
Goulds J5 Deep Well Pump
Goulds J5S Shallow Well Pump
Goulds J7 Deep Well Pump
Goulds J7S Shallow Well Pump
Goulds J10 Deep Well Pump
Goulds J10S Shallow Well Pump
Goulds J15S Shallow Well Pump
Goulds VJ10 Deep Well Pump
Goulds HSJ10 Shallow Well Pump
Goulds HSJ15 Shallow Well Pump
Goulds HSJ20N Shallow Well Pump
Pearl Ironjet 10F16P 1HP Shallow Well Pump
Pearl Ironjet 07F16P 3/4HP Shallow Well Pump
Pearl Ironjet 05F16P 1/2HP Shallow Well Pump
Sta-Rite SNC-HF25-L Shallow Well Pump
Sta-Rite SSJE Shallow Well Pump
Sta-Rite SND Shallow Well Pump
Sta-Rite HNE Shallow Well Pump
Sta-Rite SNE-L Shallow Well Pump

Well Packer / Jet
Myers P100 2″ Well Packer
Myers P100LF 2″ Jet Valve
Goulds AWJ2 2″ Packer Adapter
Goulds FP2B-48 Packer Jet Assembly

Parts / Accessories

Well Points
Brady BBP-200-10.010 2″
Brady BBP-200-10.008 2″
Brady BBP-125-10.010 1-1/4″
Brady BBP-125-10.008 1-1/4″

Foot Valves
Simmons 1″ Foot Valve
Simmons 1-1/4″ Foot Valve

Check Valves
3/4″ Bronze
3/4″ PVC
1″ Bronze
1″ PVC
1 1/4″ Bronze
1 1/4″ PVC
1 1/4″ PVC Swing
1 1/2″ Bronze
1 1/2″ PVC
1 1/2″ PVC Swing
2″ PVC
2″ PVC Swing

Pressure Switches
(Square D & American Granby)

20/40 Pressure Switch
30/50 Pressure Switch
40/60 Pressure Switch

K Packer
Bigfoot 2 x 1 1/4″ Blank K Packer
Bigfoot 2 x 1 1/4″ Right x Right K Packer
Bigfoot 3 x 2″ Blank K Packer
Bigfoot 4 x 2″ Blank K Packer
Bigfoot 4 x 2″ Right x Right K Packer
Bigfoot 4 x 2 1/2″ Blank K Packer