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We have a large selection of Kohler, Mansfield, and Sterling by Kohler Bathtubs, Wall Sets, Toilets and Urinals. We also carry products from Mainline and Bootz. If you don’t the model you are looking for, don’t worry! We have direct access to every manufacturer shown here – so we can get you exactly what you need, and and we can get it fast!

Have a big project coming up? We can offer special job pricing! Contact our plumbing sales professionals for more information.

In Stock

Mansfield 1917C-4 Willow Run Wall Mount Lavatory

Toilet Lid
Mansfield 160 Alto Tank Lid

Toilet Tank
Mansfield 173 Alto 1.6GPF
Mansfield 173RH Alto 1.6GPF

Toilet Bowl
Mansfield 138 Alto
Mansfield 137 Alto
Mansfield 135 Alto
Mansfield 130 Alto

Toilet Kit
Mansfield 3173 Alto 1.28GPF

In Stock

VORTENS 3123-02-V White Medalist Bowl
VORTENS 3151-02-V White Medalist Bowl
VORTENS 3220-02-V White Medalist Bowl
VORTENS 3487-02-V White Medalist Tank
VORTENS 3489-02-V White Medalist Tank
VORTENS 3494-02-V White Medalist Tank

In Stock

Kohler 4468-0 Kingston Wall Mount
Kohler 1728-0 Chesapeake Wall Mount
Kohler 2031-0 Greenwich Wall Mount
Kohler 2382-0 Kelston Under Mount
Kohler 2210-0 Caxton Under Mount
Kohler 2196-4-0 Pennington Self Rimmin
Kohler 2991-8-0 Tresham Self Rimming

Toilet Tanks
Kohler 4421-0 Cimarron 1.28GPF
Kohler 4484-0 Highline 1.0GPF
Kohler 4418-0 Cimarron 1.6GPF
Kohler 4645-RA-0 Highline 1.6GPF
Kohler 4468-RA-0 Wellworth 1.6GPF
Kohler 4458-0 Wellworth  1.1/1.6GPF
Kohler 4467-0 Wellworth 1.28GPF
Kohler 4431-0 Archer 1.28GPF
Kohler 4645-0 Highline 1.6GPF
Kohler 4468-0 Wellworth 1.6GPF

Toilet Bowls
Kohler 4309-0 Comarron 1.28/1.6GPF
Kohler 4199-0 Highline 1.28/1.6GPF
Kohler 4325 Kingston Wall Mount 1.28/1.6GPF
Kohler 5016-ET-0 Dexter Urinal Wall Mount 0.5GPF
Kohler 4991-ET-0 Bardon Accuflush Urinal Wall Mount .125GPF
Kohler 96053-0 Wellcomme Ultra Spud Top
Kohler 3456-0 Archer 1.28GPF
Kohler 4304-0 Highline Pressure Lite
Kohler 4198-0 Wellworth 1.28GPF
Kohler 96057-0 Highcliff Ultra Top Spud

Toilet Kits
Kohler 3493-0 Highline 2 Piece 1.6GPF
Kohler 3999-0 Highline 2 Piece 1.28GPF


In Stock

Sterling 14633-4-NA Middleton Stainless Steel
Sterling 446124-0 Sacramento Pedestal Basin
Sterling 448120-0 Sacramento Pedestal Sink
Sterling 442124-0 Sacramento Pedestal Lavatory
Sterling P442007-U-0 Stinson Under Counter Lavatory

Toilet Tanks
Sterling 404551-0 Windham 1.28GPF

Toilet Bowls
Sterling 403015-0 Windham 1.28GPF
Sterling 403215-0 Windham 1.28GPF
Sterling 403315-0 Windham 1.28GPF

Sterling 71041122-0 Performa Vikrell RH
Sterling 71041112-0 Performa Vikrell LH
Sterling 71141112-0 Accord Vikrell LH
Sterling 71141122-0 Accord Vikrell RH
Sterling 71111112-0 Ensemble Vikrell LH
Sterling 71111122-0 Ensemble Vikrell RH

Wall Set
Sterling 71244100-0 Accord Vikrell 3 Piece Smooth Wall Set
Sterling 71114100-0 Ensemble Vikrell 3 Piece Wall Set
Sterling 72245100-0 Accord Vikrell 2 Piece End Wall Set

Kitchen Faucets, Bathroom Faucets, Commercial Faucets

Hughes Supply features Mainline / Luxart Products, as well as products from T&S Brass, Symmons, Chicago Faucets, Zurn, Moen, Kohler, & Delta.

Have a big project coming up? We can offer special job pricing! Contact our plumbing sales professionals for more information.

In Stock

Moen 62300 M-Pact
Moen 69000 M-Pact
Moen 4793 Roman Tub
Moen FP62300 M-Pact
Moen 1222B Cartridge
Moen 1225B Cartridge

Laundry Faucet
Moen 74998 Chateau

Lavatory Faucet
Moen 66410 Eva
Moen L64625 Chateau
Moen 6410BN Eva
Moen 6610BN Brantford
Moen 66610 Brantford
Moen L64621 Chateau
Moen T6420BN Eva
Moen T6420 Eva

Kitchen Faucet
Moen 7594SRS Arbor Pull Out Spray
Moen 7185SRS Brantford Pull Out Spray
Moen 7185ORB Brantford Pull Out Spray
Moen 67430 Chateau
Moen 67425 Chateau

Shower & Tub Trim
Moen TL183 Chateau Tub & Shower
Moen TL182 Chateau Shower
Moen T2152BN Brantford Shower
Moen T2153BN Brantford Tub & Shower
Moen T2133BN Eva Tub & Shower
Moen T2132BN Eva Shower
Moen S112 Waterhill Showerhead
Moen T943 Eva Roman Tub
Moen T62133 Eva Tub & Shower
Moen T943BN Eva Roman Tub

In Stock

Kohler P8304-K-NA
Kohler P300-K-NA

Laundry Faucet
Kohler 15270-4-CP

Lavatory Faucet
Kohler 15241-4RA-CP Coralais 3H Deck
Kohler 193-4-BN Devonshire 1H Deck
Kohler 394-4-2BZ Devonshire 3H Deck
Kohler 45100-4-BN 3H Deck

Kitchen Faucet
Kohler 15160-CP Coralais 1H Deck
Kohler 597-VS Simplice Secondary Faucet

Shower & Tub
Kohler TS396-4E-BN Devonshire Shower
Kohler TS395-4E-BN Devinshire Bath & Shower
Kohler TS45106-4-BN Alteo SHower
Kohler PS15601-4-CP Kelston Bathtub

In Stock

Delta R10000-IP
Delta R11000
Delta R2707

Laundry Faucet
Delta 2131LF
Delta 2133LF
Delta 2121LF
Delta 2123LF

Lavatory Faucet
Delta 520-TPM-DST Pol Chrome Classic
Delta B2510LF-SS Stainless Foundations

Kitchen Faucet
Delta 2100LF Pol Chrome Classic
Delta 400-DST Pol Chrome Classic
Delta 100LF-HDF Pol Chrome Comm

Shower & Tub
Delta BT13210 Polished Chrome Foundations
Delta BT13210-SS Stainless Foundations
Delta BT14296-SS Stainless Windemere
Delta T13220 Polished Chrome Classic
Delta T13220-SS Stainless Classic
Delta T14294 Polished Chrome Linden Monitor
Delta T14294-RB Venetian Bronze Linden Monitor